NAIDOC 2019: Mi-Kaisha Masella wins Youth of the Year

Mi-Kaisha Masella is taking on New York to pursue her career and passion in music, an opportunity, she recognises, would have never been afforded to her inspiration, her talented grandmother.

Energetic, empowered and undeniably talented, 18-year-old Mi-Kaisha Masella uses music as a storytelling platform.

The singer-songwriter is the 2019 NAIDOC Youth of the Year recipient for melding advocacy and creativity into a passionate voice for young people across Australia. 

Mi-Kaisha is a proud Murri girl, with Tongan roots, who is part of the Darumbal community in Queensland. Born and raised in Sydney, she frequently performs gigs around the Redfern area. She grew up surrounded by music: her dad was a presenter for community Koori radio station and her Grandmother took her to gospel church every Sunday.

Mi-kaisha Masella