R&B artist, Mi-kaisha, is a Sydney sensation with grit, groove, soul and sass.

Growing up in the heart and streets of Sydney's music scene, She was featured on an Australian soundtrack before she'd even hit her teens and today mixes it up with fresh-faced Australian Hip Hop artists like Illy.

But don't let her street swag and thigh-length box braids fool you; this girl is polished.

She's an accomplished musician and award-winning songwriter, who has been showcased on some of Australia's most prestigious stages, from the Sydney Opera House to McDonald Jones Stadium. 

A self-described city blackfulla, Mi-kaisha's sound captures the dichotomy between deadly and sweet. Her voice is soulful and smooth, yet her lyrics are hard-hitting. Politics, social issues and being a young black woman in urban Australia are all wrapped up in her unique sound. 


"Daaaamn, what a voice!"